Monday, September 5, 2011

Testing the new Spider radio controlled slope mower.

Last week i had the chance to test the new Spider Radio Controlled mower. This mower is controlled by an operator with a "radio" remote and remotely send the mower up and down to mow severe banks like tee surrounds etc.

As you can see the cutting unit looks like any other rough mower on the market. It has a few prosoperating and tasks.

- The operator is not manually handling a brush cutter (swaying side-to-side) while standing on a slope that is covered in cut grass and debris.

- Reduces slip hazard and potential for ankle and knee injuries.
- Reduces strains.
- Combined with the productivity offered, the Spider Mower significantly reduces the amount of man power required on potentially hazardous slope situations like we have at DCC

- Steering and speed/direction is done by joystick controls.
- Fatigue is reduced by eliminating the manual activity associated with brush cutters and hover mowers
- No weight bearing.
- No direct contact with vibration and harshness.
- Engine noise is not directly adjacent to operator.
- As an alternative to using a tractor or ride-on-mower on slopes, the Spider Mower eliminates the roll-over hazard with an operator on-board.
- When mowing around trees, the Spider Mower eliminates the hazard of operator collision or crush against tree limbs.
- Spider Mower requires only a standard car or utility to transport to site.

- Avoid wet weather causing a lost day of mowing. It is often too hazardous to put a tractor or ride-on-mower on wet slopes, because of the potential of loss of control, poor traction or damage and rutting to the ground; the Spider Mower can continue to work.
- Repeated wet weather can create a substantial back log of work, that quickly becomes heavily overgrown in Summer. When dry conditions finally return to allow conventional machines back on to the slopes, the mowing is heavy and slow work. Spider Mower prevents the situation developing by allowing mowing in all conditions to keep growth under control.
- In wet conditions, access to some sites may be difficult for heavier equipment such as tractors. Spider Mower is light, nimble and handles access to difficult situations.
- The Spider Mower is low and agile and can access difficult sites whether restricted by; low clearance, narrow access, steep access, many trees etc.
- The Spider Mower mows in every direction. It does not need to be turned around at the end of a pass. With every movement it is mowing for maximum productivity
- The light weight 4WD Spider Mower minimises damage to the ground such as rutting.

- Brush-cutters simply cut down grass, while the Spider Mower mulches its mowed material.
- Being able to efficiently mow difficult slopes more frequently reduces weeds that shadow grass, and improves slope protection and stability over time.

Personally i feel this is a great peace of equipment to have especially here at DCC where we have a lot of slopes where no man powered equipment can drive never mind mow and it has to be done by hand with brush cutters and fly mowers. Its very productive, efficient and can save money and labour in the long run. Keep in mind every golf course is different so for other courses this option will not apply.


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