Friday, January 27, 2012

Hero to Zero !

Its amazing how mother nature can make a golf course superintendent go from hero to zero in no time ! November we had a flood at DCC and the course was unplayable for a week and only dried out after 2 weeks of pumping and moving water of the course. January arrives and we have 10% of our normal rainfall in January with our water supply to the course down by 80% and the golf course drying out quikly...

Hole 1 at DCC on the 3rd of January 2012 

Hole 1 at DCC on the 23rd of January 2012

The front holes 1-8 are build on old sand dunes and drains very well so these holes where the first to start burning due to the heat. The rest of the golf course is mainly build on a clay soil structure and retains more water keeping it green for longer.

Our water supply to the golf course comes from a well point that was taken out by the flood and we are awaiting the last few parts to arrive to get it back and running as it all had to be imported. For now we need to hope and pray for rain as the golf course it taking strain with hardly enough water for tee's and greens.