Monday, April 23, 2012

Recent General Course Inprovements

With growing season slowing down we have had the opportunity to get to a few extra projects on the golf course to improve not the playability but the aesthetics of the course.

The wood cladding the 18th tee box have been rotting away and needed replacing..

Here you can see how its rotten away...

The wall was stripped cleaned and prepared for the new wood to be installed.

The front was fixed and redone entirely

The new pine that is treated and got a guarantee for 30 years installed and stained.

We have rebuild all the water fountains on the course with a new basin and a tap system. The pressure problems has been solve and now our members can enjoy nice cold tap water on the course.

With the new and bigger cart fleet we have installed new and more traffic stakes to manage the cart traffic on the course better. 

We have new tee marker ready that you will see out on the course after Club champs weekend .