Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some more DCC Challenges...

We have had some challenges lately at DCC and this is just to inform you as a member or guest playing here.

We had some debris enter the suction line form the dam and blocked the water suction causing the pump to over heat. With that the gasket melted and cracked , spraying water all over inside the pump house causing the electrics to burn.

This has now been fixed and we are currently looking to install a new suction line with a better sieve.

Last week the water coolers that was on the course got vandalized and all the water tanks where stolen from them. This is the second time this has happened in the last 8 months and we have removed them. We are now in the process of upgrading the old exciting water fountains we have and we will try to make sure the pressure stays consistent.

Due to the extremely wet winter we had , and even now going into spring with very little hot days so far, We have found that some greens stay wet for a long period of time. With the greens not having any drainage in them the water just sits. The water only evaporate and run off over long periods of time. Shady areas are the worst and we found that the greens get BLACK ALGAE growing on them.

We have started dusting the greens on a more regular basis (once a week). We have also started Verti-draining the greens with 10inch long needle tines that punch 6inch deep holes in the green assisting them with the draining and drying process. The verti-darin also helps with compaction and releases the toxic gasses trapped under the surface giving the plant a chance to breath.

These holes can hardly be seen 2 days later and are fine to play on the next day after the greens has been cut or rolled.

We had a hydraulic leak on the small putting green by halfway. One of the pipes cracked due to wear and tear / old age. We are very lucky the operator picked it up so quickly and that we use a biodegradable oil in our mower that helps with the recovery process.

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