Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weed eradication program part 2

Grab grass (Iron grass)
Crab grass or as we call it Iron grass because of the hardiness of this plant, is and will always be a problem on golf course. Iron grass is a perennial lawn and considered lawn pests. They are very hardy and need very little to start growing and sustain any growth. They will grow any where and are more commonly be seen where other grasses are struggling due to traffic , weather or any types if stress that they can handle.
Crabgrass seed has a long germination period, if conditions are right, it can germinate throughout the growing season. Crab grasses occur in tropical and subtropical regions.

We have done some test with certain herbicides and i found that mostly hand weeding does the job for getting rid of iron grass as we don't have big issues with it but it can only be quite labour intensive. As we are now into winter and the growth has slowed down and we can get going with all the winter projects and spend more time on attention to detail work like weeding etc.

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