Thursday, May 12, 2011

Final preparations done !

The last three days has been spent preparing and putting on the final touches in for the tournament. A team of 130+ head out every morning at 4:45 cutting , cleaning and getting everything ready. We do it again in the afternoon after all the players have finished there practice rounds smoothing of greens by rolling, fixing divots and pitch marks.

The Staduim course as they call it was design by Pete Dye and has a lot of rolling mounts witch makes it hard to maintain. Most of the mowing around greens and bunkers needs to be done by hand and not just on any ride on.

Rotary mowers are the choices for this type of work and does the job well.

Millions of rands where spent on extra landscaping for the tournament. The area that was especially targeted was the 17th par 3 as it is the worlds most famous golf hole.

Here you can see on the banks surrounding the 17th and how the take annuals across to the island. This makes the place every more special.

Alligators are common around the course and this make looking for you ball close to the edge of the water very interesting...

The stages it now set... The players will tee of today and play for the biggest purse in golf and my the best South African win !!!

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