Monday, April 4, 2011

Club Champs 2011

The first club champs on the new mini verde greens at DCC was tricky for most golfers and the fact that we had a strong south easter blowing most of the day, did not make it any easier. With the old paspalum greens we had to work hard to get the greens run at 9-9.5 ft on the stimp meter. The new greens even with them only being 6 months old we did not really struggle to have them running at 10ft on the stimp. This made it tricky for the guys that are use to the slower greens around KZN and now those 3-4foot put are not that simple and strait anymore and needs some attention. 

The greens are maturing nicely and will only be at its best at about 10-12 months as they would have settled nicely and with all the topdressing we have and will be doing they should smooth out as well as speed up even more.

Well done to our new stroke play champion Keith Forde for winning Clump Chaps 2011 and to all the other winners.

Good luck to all the guys who made it through to match play !

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