Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunker sand

This week we are busy topping up the bunkers and especially the green side bunkers. We go around every so often just to check the depth of the sand in the bunkers and some times it means moving sand of the faces and putting it back on the base of the bunker and vice versa. Other times we have to add sand as ever shot can remove a hand full of sand.
After we installed more sand we run a sand pro to compact the sand and firm the bunkers up so that the players don't get a plugged lie.


  1. Hi Willie. We at Umhlali Country club are trying to decide on the correct sand to be used in our bunkers. Would you mind me asking what type of sand you use and where it is sourced. Gary Birnie

  2. the dimples upon golf balls would make the pressure differential go lower reducing the drag force. These dimples generate turbulence in air surrounding the ball completely.