Thursday, December 1, 2011

Golf Course Flooded !

When it rains it pours !!! There is no more truer saying then that... Over November we have 300mm (12inches) of rain so the course has been very saturated so much that we have started to see water standing in area where it normally drains away naturally. Its been a very wet month for us to start with and then on Sunday night the heavens opened up and dropped 125mm (5inches) in about 3 hours flooding all the bunkers and leaving water standing on every fairway. Durban Country club sits between Morningside town that's on a hill and the see, so all off the water passes through a culvit next to the 16th into the river that runs to the see. This was to much water for our culvit and it over flowed onto the course leaving the Driving range, 16th and 9th fairway under +- 1m (40inches) of water !!!

16th Fairway Sunday Morning...

16th Fairway Monday Morning...

9th Fairway

Water level on the driving range as seen on the trees...

3rd Fairway

14th Fairway

All the bunkers got flooded and needs to be repaired....

Pumping the water of the fairways with every pump we can lay our hand on.

Pumping 320 cubic liters per hour 24/7

After 3 days of pumping there is hope !

This rain puts us on 428mm for November...

The course should be open for play Friday and there will be a local rule in place for fairway 16 and 9. Cart will only be aloud one the fairways have dried out. Please bear with us.

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