Monday, August 29, 2011

Spring Treatment part 2 (Fairways)

The past week we have started with the fairways and what we are doing this year is a very deep verti cutting and scarifying to remove all the thatch. This is done to help with leveling of the fairways by removing small humps and bumps also growth from overfilled divots that etc.With doing this we will get fresh new growth coming through as we moving into spring. This process will also remove most of the grain on the fairways as the cynodon dactylon (common Bermuda) we have on them is a very grainy grass.

Widening of fairways 1,3,5,8,9,10,11,14,16,17 where done !!!

Amazone scarifying fairways level flat fairways.

Hockey and verti cutting blades used on the amazone to remove the thatch.

Verti cutting blades on the fairway mower for undulating areas like the 8 and 17th fairways.

 Scarifying 18th fairway with the amazone. The fairway was wet due to the heavy rain we have had so we had to go over the fairway again to sweep up all clippings.

Fairway being cleaned.

9th fairway widen on right.

11th fairway widen on left.

Fertilizing fairways after they where cleaned and cut down to 10mm where they will stay for the summer.

Watering fairways after the fertilizer has been put down.
Please bear with us this following few weeks as we are fertilizing and watering the course while you play !


  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts, and watching the videos on the spring treatment programme, very interesting and informative. Keep providing the pictues and information, i am sure the members that log on appreciate it

  2. Hi Laghlan, Thanx for your comments i really appreciate it ! Glad you find them informative just wish we can get everyone to log on and see what we are doing to make DCC the best members club out there... Stay tuned lots more to come !