Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dusting Greens...

Dusting is a practice of applying a thin layer of growing medium to turf. It is an important management operation, especially for heavily used turf. Dusting was first carried out at St Andrews, Scotland some 300 years ago! The benefits of dusting are: creates a smooth surface, biological control of thatch, improved infiltration rate, through improved texture at the top of the root zone, creates a tighter turf sward and finer leaf texture and firms the surface especially during wet periods.

During summer we do it quite heavily every 2 weeks but now in mid winter the growth slows down tremendously so we still do it only at a very low rate every 3 weeks depending on soil temperatures. Player hardly notice the sand and enjoy a smooth rolling green surface through winter.s


  1. Very nice and informative post. I did not know what was dusting for.

  2. No problem... Glad i could help !