Monday, June 6, 2011

Shade and Traffic Problem

Trees clearly are important assets on most golf courses providing a great deal of beauty and strategic interest and serving a variety of other important functions. On the other hand, the effects of trees are a major cause of poor quality turf on parts of many courses. In some cases, trees have come to overwhelm the courses from both an agronomic and playability standpoint, causing widespread turf problems and imposing restrictions on the strategic intent of the original golf course design. They can create problems like : Shade, Poor air circulation, Tree root competition, interfering limbs and branches

The effect of shade is an important cause of turf weakness or failure on many types of areas. The
combination of shade and traffic, though, can be deadly. Turfgrass plants need light to photosynthesize
and produce food for growth and regeneration. When light levels are inadequate for too long a period,
carbohydrate reserves are depleted and the turf becomes too weak to quickly recover from traffic injury.
were the turf located in full sun. The effects of shade are especially noticeable on greens and tees, where
foot and mower traffic is concentrated on relatively small areas, and in roughs where cart traffic is quite
heavy.The lack of direct sunlight on a turf area also prolongs the drying out period after irrigation or rainfall, leading to greater disease activity and greater soil compaction.

We are going around the course cutting and pruning the bush and tree's surrounding the greens to make sure that there they get a much sunlight as possible seeing our day light hours are very short in winter. The areas effected will be worked on and staked off so that they can recover as soon possible.


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