Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Distant Markers

We are currently busy going over all the distant markers with a GPS and making sure that they are all correct. This includes all the stone markers in the fairway and the markers on the sprinkler heads.
During the reconstruction of the greens some greens moved by a few meters and these markers needs changing. With golf carts and equipment driving over the course daily these markers can come loose or gets damaged so then they also needs replacing.
All distant markers in the fairways are marked to the front edge of the green but on par 3's they are marked to the middle of the green. Your daily pin sheets will tell you how many meters on and how many meters from the left or right of the green edge.


  1. Hi.

    Good job on the blog. As a new member I think it is a great idea!

    I would like to make one suggestion for something to consider. Has anybody ever put in any thought of putting the distance to the back of the green on sprinklers? Just something I thought would be pretty interesting.

    Keep up the good work. Kind Regards
    Kevin C (C1528)

  2. Hi Kevin

    Welcome to DCC ... I have not seen any club is SA doing it but some of the private courses in the US have a distant marker on there sprinkler that tells you the front, middle and back distance. Those are very nice but are quite exspensive to do and that is maybe why nobody here does it. With us only giving you the distance to the front you can add the distance to the flag by adding the distance the pin sheet says it is x meters on the green.

    See you on the course