Friday, February 25, 2011

Out with the old in with the new !

Durban Country club has replaced their 4 year old Jacobsen greens mowers. These mower have over 5000 hours on there clock and are starting to incur excessive maintenance costs and problems hydraulic leaks etc.

The new Toro 3250 mowers also have groomers fitted on that helps with the quality of cut as well as lightly verti cutting the greens. By grooming the greens as well as top dress and verti cutting greens we would have the best possible playing surface.


  1. Why do the new DCC Cynodin Greens need dethatching?

  2. All grass types needs dethatching as cutting them constantly thatch starts building from the dead matter. The cynodon greens is a aggressive stoloniforus grass and extra care needs to be taken with removing thatch as it builds up quickly. Removing the thatch will give a smoother and better putting surface.